Benefits of a Swap Program


Why a Joint Venture with B&F?

Not only are you able to partner with the most experienced group of derivative professionals in the United States, but you can do so with no upfront capital investment. Your product line will be productive and profitable from Day One.

Benefits of a Swap Program:

*People: Our team is highly experienced and respected within the industry

*Independent:  Because we are not a bank ourselves, our clients can work with several dealers to obtain the best pricing

*Bank Dedicated: We work only with banks and avoid conflicts of interest by not advising or representing commercial clients

*Comprehensive Program:

B&F has a strong ongoing in-market presence. We conduct product introduction meetings with lending teams and regularly meet one-on-one with individual lenders. We also provide lenders with transaction pricing, prepare presentations, and make joint calls on their clients. Once a transaction has been properly authorized, we prepare all documentation and execute transactions on behalf of the bank. Our marketers also bring a wealth of experience on syndicated and assigned transactions.

B&F offers a highly experienced operations management and staffing team. We provide complete back office support, with the booking of client transactions and matching trades, handling of client information requests and coordination with loan operations for payments and receipts.  We also offer private label client billing.

B&F provides all accounting and regulatory reporting. Transaction market values are provided that show assets/liabilities.

B&F has developed an industry-leading software, d/Solutions, which is used not only to support its own advisory services business, but is also licensed to larger U.S.-based banks that have their own derivatives groups.

*Proven Results:

Having launched the swap effort at over 70 banks, B&F has a long history of launching and managing successful swap businesses.