dfrontd/Front is the sales and marketing component that enhances the ability of derivatives marketers to cultivate, manage, and expand their client base. d/Front automates the tracking of client quotes and transaction histories, trade execution, and the storage of related documentation.

d/Front also enables derivative group managers to track activity, performance, and to generate management reports for all internal reporting purposes. d/Front provides the functionality for compliance with much of the Dodd-Frank Act.  As a result, both Swap Dealers and regional bank non-Dealers will find d/Front attractive.

d/Front Features and Benefits

Improve Marketer Productivity 

d/Front allows marketers to handle more transactions.

Because all potential transactions are stored in one place, it is easier for both the marketer and their support personnel to access accounts. This results in a marketer being able to spend more time selling both internally and externally. Access to d/Front is possible through VPN via laptop or tablet, allowing marketers to maintain productivity while away from the office.

Increase Headcount Efficiency 

d/Front enables efficient marketer support.

The storage of all client transactions, quotes and other pertinent information is in one place, allowing support personnel to access information quickly if a marketer is on sales calls or is otherwise out of the office. Back-up becomes more efficient and can be done from any location.

Gain Insight 

d/Front has superior analytics.

d/Front provides useful reports that enable commercial bank management to analyze performance by area and help determine whether any strategies are needed to improve product potential. Managers are able to evaluate transaction and revenue performance as well as performance versus budget by Lender, Group and Region. Reporting can be tailored to your specific organizational structure. 

Streamline Communications 

d/Front improves communication. 

d/Front reduces response time by grouping client information including quote history, real-time pricing, and contact information together. Marketers can also send email directly from d/Front, so they don’t even have to switch screens to communicate electronically.

Centralize Documentation Storage 

d/Front stores documentation.

d/Front stores transaction documentation, call reports, client presentations and other relevant documents electronically so that they can be accessed almost instantly and without disturbing the original files. This simplifies recordkeeping and reduces time lost in searching for misplaced documents and files.  

Improve Sales Management 

d/Front gives sales managers insight.

d/Front provides sales managers with significant insight into marketing activity and performance, enabling better strategic planning in order to maximize revenue potential. Managers can view the number of prospects for each market, see what transactions are scheduled to close, and analyze regional activity in order to better develop effective marketing strategies.